All about Traffic Monsoon

Traffic monsoon is the leading online advertising agency which has PTC, Traffic exchange and revenue sharing program initiated under the same umbrella. The traffic monsoon was launched in October, 2014 and it has stood as the best and most paying PTC site of all time.What makes Traffic monsoon stand out from other online advertisement company, is the fact that is suitable for all kind of users, it accommodates both beginners and professional online workers who wants to venture in advertisement and making returns the same time.

Traffic monsoon ha s along term strategies that has seen members earn and maintain their earning potential throughout the launch. The website is capable of generating traffic and in exchange of your ad Pack, You get tone of thousands traffic sent to your link.Traffic monsoon advertisers have equal earning opportunity due to its long term earning plan and high quality advertisement packages that are offered to advertisers.Traffic monsoon is a legit online advertisement company and it’s not associated as part of any ponzi scheme or an online investment site in any form.

The advertisers buy’s Tarrficmoonsoon’s services via advertisement packages and in exchange they receive traffic to their landing pages or websites.Anyime advertiser buys an advertisement package, the revenue is held and shared among the members according to one’s stake.

Who Can Benefit From Joining Traffic monsoon

Traffic monsoon is a reputable online advertisement and revenue share company and its share and advertisement plans are designed to suit any online advertiser and members who want to make some money the same time advertising the company online using the traffic monsoon advertisement services.

Trafficmmoonsoon can be used as:

An online advertising Platform– that aids in getting new clients and sign ups to add up to your client list.

It’s an income source– When you sign up as free or paid member you automatically registered for traffic monsoon’s revenue sharing program where you will be earning the same time advertising. The revenue is shared among members according to the money and ad packs one has purchased.

How to Make Money by Joining Traffic monsoon

Traffic monsoon has four verified ways of making money as free member or paid member. The earning potential in Traffic monsoon entirely depends on how one optimizes the potential. There are four ways to earn money using TrafficMonsoon services. You can choose to use both or two of them, but I think the best way to optimize your earnings is by using the four. But of course, you become your own boss and you decide what’s best for you. Here are the four ways you can optimize your earnings in Traffic monsoon:

Paid To Click Ads

Paid to click ads are also known as Cash links, they aid in boosting member’s Earnings. In Traffic monsoon,the paid to click ads are very lucrative since it offers a very competitive PTC. It’s said a free member can build up his account just by viewing Paid to click ads. To increase your daily Earning Potential, You are advised to click on the cash links every day. The Cash Links are just but a milk cow that ensures you earn in Traffic monsoon every time you logged into your account. There are four types of paid to click or Cash links:

  • Cash Links with 5 Second timer Earns $0.001 per click
  • Cash links with 15 seconds Timer Earns $0.005 per click
  • Cash links with 30 seconds timer Earns $0.01 Per click
  • Cash links with 60 seconds timer Earns $0.02 per click

Sharing Position And Adpacks

Traffic monsoon offers advertising packages and to buy one advertisement package you will have to part with $50, thus the price of one adpack. Online advertisement Is the main revenue earning way in traffic monsoon, it has proven to be the best online advertising agency, when you buy an ad pack you are guaranteed of getting traffic, impressions and views as per the package you ought.

The advertising package comprises of:

  • 1000 advertising Credit– Buying one adpack, the advertiser receives 1000 visitors to their blog or website, The Company has traffic which is generated from its own members and unique visitors who come daily into the program. Your website will be viewed with a very large number of potential customers when you advertised on traffic monsoon.
  • 20 Pay Per Click Banner Credit- When you placed your advertisement with traffic monsoon, Your advert will get real traffic,real views and humans who are interested in your product hence this will result into new sign up to your business and new clients who will be placing orders or subscription to your website.
  • 1 Sharing Position: Every adpack you purchased at $50 will give you return on investment at $55 when it matures. When you buy advertisement packages, you automatically qualify for revenue sharing plan in traffic monsoon. You will get 110% of $50 as long as the adpack is active. So with an adpack of $50, you will get: 1000 advertising credit, Sharing position and a 20 banner credit pay per view

Getting Referrals

Traffic monsoon recognize and acknowledges its members effort in promoting the site and sharing the program with others, you get paid every time you bring in new member. Traffic monsoon has the best referral rewarding program that offers generous incentives to members who promotes the site. When a new member joins Traffic monsoon using your referral link which is used to track down your referral activities you get paid a small commission. Just to say Thank you for promoting Traffic monsoon.

You get paid:

  • 10% Commission on referral purchases
  • 100% commission on referral paid to view or cash links clicks

The referral commission are recurring every time they buy a service in traffic monsoon,you get paid 105 of the money they’ve spent. As a member you need to view on 10 advertisements per day in order to activate your daily earning. The advertisement view is done every 24 hours.

Advertisement Services

Traffic monsoon as an online advertising business, it gives you many advertisement options to choose from, you can choose any of the option if you want to capture leads or referrals. Generating income in Traffic monsoon is easy but needs strategies, if you can’t find referrals I would recommend you try advertisement the opportunity using banners in other sites.

Here are the different types of advertising options in traffic monsoon

Traffic monsoon is a venture of earning with or without budget to promote your business. A member gets advertising credit for free by participating in the traffic exchange plan. For every 2 pages a free member views, they get 1 advertising credit under the traffic exchange feature. With every 1 credit you get, you can convert credit into traffic. A free member can upgrade anytime they purchase any advertisement package as low as $1

Here are the advertising packages you can buy in traffic monsoon to bring customers to your websites:

Banner: A banner package costs $0.25 per click. The banner will be clicked by Traffic monsoon Members.

Text Ads: Just as banner credit, the text ad clicks goes $0.25 per click

Traffic Exchange: A traffic exchange program will be shown to traffic monsoon members who will be surfing in the traffic exchange category

Massive Traffic: With a massive traffic package, you get to show your website to huge audience from different parts of the country in traffic monsoon.

Login Ad: This advertising package ill pop up when users sign into their account. Every time they sign in they will see your website.

Start Page: With a start page, your website will be the first one to be viewed by every user in the traffic exchange feature in traffic monsoon.

How much Will It cost you to Join Traffic monsoon


Traffic monsoon is affordable and user friendly, You can decide to join as a free member then upgrade later or you will need to pay a minimum of $5.The Minimum amount of $5 will give you 1000 ad pack credit. With this advertisement comes the revenue sharing position which you now qualify for after purchasing an adpack. If you want to have a decent earning in Traffic monsoon, You are required to invest some good amount of money from minimum $5 or $50 and above.

Trafficmoosoon is not an investment opportunity or MLM, this is a purely online advertising company that shares sales revenues among its members daily. When you buy advertising packages to advertise your business with Traffic monsoon, the revenue earning or shares entirely depends with daily sales that Traffic monsoon makes. Traffic monsoon present you with many option of earning, you can earn from cash links which are advertisement viewed by members and they get paid from $0.001 to $0.01 anytime they click. Anytime your referral clicks the cash links you get paid 1005 of their earning.

Making money in Traffic monsoon is only possible by buying advertising packages, when you buy an advert pack you get to qualify for Traffic monsoon’s revenue sharing which will earn you money every hour and how much you can make per day will depend on the number of adpack you have.Traffic monsoon accepts international sign ups which means you can apply from anywhere in the world and ne part of the company. You can still earning via referral commission.

Easy Step to making money with Traffic Moonsoon

Here are a few proven ways to follow in order to make money on Traffic monsoon.

Take a step, Make a commitment

For you to succeed in Traffic monsoon you need to commit yourself in terms of funding your account and have patience. Work towards growing your account and adding funds when necessary.

Choose the best Payment Processor

You need to choose a payment method that is acceptable in your country of residence, a payment method that will allow you access your payment. A payment processor varies from one program to another but in Traffic monsoons, there are PayPal, payza and Stp.


Time to Join Traffic monsoon

Are you convinced enough now? If you want to make money the same time sending traffic to your website it’s time to join Traffic monsoon CLICK HERE TO JOIN. Enter personal details and must be genuine ones. You need to confirm your email by signing into the email you just used to sign up, click the link and activate your traffic monsoon account. It’s time to add your payment processor. You ready to go.

Buy Your First Ad Pack

If you want to make good money in Traffic monsoon, You are required to buy ad packs to increase your earning potential. I can’t emphasize enough on the same. How much you will make will all depend with how much you are putting in. The bottom-line in any online advertisement company, for you to make good living out of your advertisement in terms of share revenue, you need to invest more.

Income potential may vary from one country from another, but the fact remain you need to start big as you can if you want to grow fast and start making some decent income daily with traffic monsoon. When you go big, you are increasing your chances of repurchasing shares fast and easy as your shares will be expiring fast hence building your account faster as compared to someone who came in with small investment.

Follow these simple Rules:

  • Purchase your first adpack for just $50 from your pocket
  • Surf 10 ads daily to activate your daily earnings
  • After 7 days of surfing you will have at least $7 in your traffic monsoon account
  • Use the $7 you’ve earned in 7 days and add about $43 from your account to buy another pack of $50
  • You should have 2 packs now, each earning $2 Daily which will sum up to $14 in a week
  • Now, use the $14 plus add about $36 from your pocket to but the third pack
  • Now repeat the process until you get to 10 packs which will allow you to purchase new pack every 5 days.



Getting visitors to your site is the real thing any online entrepreneur should be looking upto.Traffic monsoon has proven to be the real thing for the past 6 months from launch, real time payment and real time click and visitors sent to your websites.

Surf 10 ads daily

As part of your traffic monsoon advertisement and earnings, you need to surf 10 ads daily after every 24 hours. By clicking these ads you remain qualified to receive your daily revenue shares. You need to keep checking back your account to ensure that your ads are surfed and your earning are active for the next 24 hours.

Promote Traffic monsoon and refer More People

If you are good in online marketing, or word of mouth sales, you can have a sizable earning by just by promoting Traffic monsoon.By promoting you get paid every time a referral purchase an ad pack or click cash link. For example when your referral purchases $ ad packs daily which is $200 you as the sponsor will earn 10% of $200 daily which is $20.

Cash out Your Seed Money

Everyone is wondering how much they can make in a week in traffic monsoon,well other make fortune others don’t, other take it as a fulltime others are doubters trying things out. All relies on how you take it. If you want to withdraw any cash you’ve earned you are free to do so. Using the payment processor of your choice. Always take out the 305 instead of all the cash in your account.The repurchase rule should be a key in this business, when you earning $100 daily always ensure you use 70% to buy more ad packs. By working towards 50 or more ad packs, your traffic monsoon advertiemnte packages will earn you some decent money over the next period.When you purchase a traffic exchange credit it will offer you the freedom to buy more traffic or clicks without having to view ads endlessly in order to earn the credit you are required to get visitors or traffic to your blog. Buying a traffic exchange Credit is easy and smooth, you simply choose the number of visitors you want to visit your business or link, Complete your payment and next you will start receiving traffic or visitors to the advertised link. The Traffic monsoon Traffic packages Plan offers the possibility and ability of one promoting their blog or website via a myriad of various websites which in turn expose then, aid in increasing their recognition and generating new sign ups, referrals and potential customers.Traffic monsoon’s traffic generation is capable of sending huge traffic to your website easy and quickly over a short period of time when you have the traffic exchange package. The traffic monsoon members have equal opportunities which are geared to benefiting them by qualifying them into the revenue sharing pool for a long term basis.Traffic monsoon offers a risk free revenue share plan that has quality advertising packages that delivers above the price you paid for. There are many advertising agencies or companies but none can match the services at traffic monsoon.Traffic monsoon allows international participation and sign ups from all walks of life. When you purchase any advertisement adpacks you are guaranteed to get quality traffic sent to your website and the same time you will be earning through the revenue sharing plan. When you sign up at traffic monsoon, every information is treated confidential hence your details remains private, the website has top level online security, professional support team and Experts in account management hence your details are secure.Anyone can join traffic monsoon as free member and you will be able to purchase any adpack of your choice. As a Free member You can get traffic to your website since free members enjoys a surf ratio of 2:1 which simple means anytime you view 2 ads you will get 1 credit which in turn you can accrue to use later to advertise your website. When a free member upgrade by buying advertising packages he will get to enjoy a surf ratio of 1;1 which implies that anytime he surfs 1 ads he will get 1 credit which is different from a free member case. As said early you only get what you paid for since this is not any hyip, pyramid scheme or ponzi but Traffic monsoon is a licensed advertising company that will send huge traffic to any website you will advertise with them.Traffic monsoonson sells advertisement services that offer a lot in terms of traffic to online business or personal blogs. When online customers purchases advertisement packages from traffic monsoon’s all the revenue are collected and held by the company for equal distribution among the members according to the funds they put into the company. When people buy adpacks they get traffic in exchange, when you buy an adpack you get 1000 traffic to your blog and a bonus of 20 clicks on your advertisement banner plus you get included in the sharing position and into the revenue share program. You need to click 10 ads per day in order to activate your daily share earnings, what makes traffic monsoon the best advertisement company is that it doesn’t use any matrix or cycle method to generate earnings, all the earning depends on the daily sales of the advertising services which is collected and shared. The earning in traffic monsoon is unlimited you still earn 10%l of referral commission of any one you referred and buys an adpack from traffic monsoon. Making money with traffic monsoon is been made easy. A traffic monsoon is a paid to click site combine with a traffic exchange that works to benefit the advertisers and free members. Traffic monsoon has survived time, with a good strategies you can make good amount of money here. Instead of selling rental referral to members, at traffic monsoons the ad packs give both ad pack services and sharing position of up to $55 and only requires you to click 10 ads per day in order to activate your daily earnings for every 24 hours.

Having many referrals in traffic monsoon can work miracle and play a major role in earning big in trafficmoosnoon:

Having the following referral

10 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $30 from your referral clicks
10 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $365 from your referral clicks
500 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $1,500 from your referral clicks
500 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $18,250 from your referral clicks
1000 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 30 days = $3,000 from your referral clicks
1000 referrals X $0.10 earnings from cash links X 365 days = $36,500 from your referral clicks


The above example is just but illustration showing you the potential traffic monsoon has and what it can earn you over the years. With the above statistics you need to bring in more members into the system and keep them all active.

Who Should Join Traffic monsoon?

I came across this type of question a lot, It’s like asking a group of people who are desperately looking for ways to make money online “who wants to make money online now?.Anyone with desire to promote their business online and the same time make some good money doing the same are welcome to join traffic monsoon today. You will not only advertise and go empty handed but in exchange you will get tome of thousands of traffic or visitors send to your website throughout. With the ad Pack you purchase come unique visitors to your website, 1000 unique visitors with 20 banner click sent directly to the link you shared in your advertising control panel. Most popular and renown way of making money with traffic monsoon are via paid to click, using ad services to generate leads and traffic to your online business or via revenue sharing position and last the direct sales commission generated from referrals and promotion.Traffic monsoon is one of the most profitable online advertising company that allows you to introduce your friends and your loved ones to join unlike other companies that are strict. In traffic monsoon you can invite your families and relatives to join as long as each user has their own IP address and different emails. Traffic monsoon doesn’t not allow multiple account and if found your account will be banned permanently. Traffic monsoon allows different website to be advertised on their platform as long as the website is not a frame-breaker and can be displayed within the ad frame and doesn’t contain any adult content or pornographic related niches. Ensure your website doesn’t have more than one pop up since traffic monsoon will not allow website with more than one pop, it’s considers annoying and gives users hard time to navigate and view your contents, pop ups interrupting traffic delivery. It’s very important to be respectful and law abiding when you join traffic monsoon since they love and protect their customers and they want all their rules and policies are adhered to more so when it come to their advertisement pakcgaes.You are requested to follow their rules, policies and read all the changes that are made in the website. Your stay and business operation are well protecting in traffic monsoon. The revenue earned from advertisement are shared every hour among the members and are distributed 24 hours late which means, today’s share earnings will reflect in your account the next day, The 24 hours late share revenue distribution is done late due to security reason to aid in identifying frauds funds being added to the system illegally.Having realistic goals to achieve in life is very vital and by joining Traffic monsoon all your traffic goals and business growth shall all be answered here.I joined Traffic monsoon just 1 month after the company launched, having been a fulltime work at home doing majorly blogging and online freelancing. I needed traffic to my website in order to expose my online business to many people, but also to fours on my targeted audience. I spent most of my time looking for reliable, result oriented and user friendly online advertisement company that would deliver the specific traffic I want and hits per day for my business. I came across so many website claiming to do so but after try and error I came across many junks that wasted my money delivering fake impression and unverified clicks to my site. They say Good things come to those who waits, My first encounter with Traffic monsoon was via long term friend whom shared with me his Google analytics traffic report and how much he was making in sales since he started advertising his business online in traffic monsoon, So he gave me a link and Boom! The advertisement started after I bought exchange traffic plan. Just like that, my online advertisement started. Today I look back and smile knowing in mind I made one of the best online decision ever by advertising with Traffic monsoon.I never knew about the revenue sharing position nor the referral commission, So when I joined my good friend whom introduced me made some good commission since I advertised with over $500 hence he made 10% of that anyway, over the past months I learned my ways into the system, started promoting and involving in exchange traffic plains, my websites sales has dramatically doubles ad per my earning in traffic monsoon has been my fulltime venture. Nothing beats the feeling of advertising your website and getting bonuses and clicks to your website and not only traffic but also you get paid ROI of 110% of every matured ad-pack you bought.


All you need is patience to hit your traffic monsoon goal, it’s going to be slow at the start depending with how much you start with but eventually it will pick up and you won’t regret your efforts. Your goal should be to hit 50 ad packs and above .You can decide to go big in advertisement; you can buy bigger adpacks which in return will yield you some good money hence ROI.I started big because I wanted to see a big result in my sales and traffic. The more I stated in Traffic monsoon, the more I wanted to add more funds to promote my website. Making money and getting real visitors to my site. Traffic Monsoon program is the real deal right now because when you acquire Adpacks, the sharing position will be unbolted in your account. One can pocket good money per hour from the money generated because Traffic Monsoon will split what they get between the participants who unchain the sharing positions. This will derive the sharing position to generate you money till it reaches 110% ($55). It basically means that when you pump $50 in Adpack, the outcome will be $55 thus getting free publicity and bucks from it at the end. One you earn back the cash you invested, one can either choose to withdraw so that we can free your ad credits or top up new adpacks without using any money from your processor. Per day one can make $1 through adpack and it can shoot if more profit can be generated a few months down the line with Traffic Monsoon. What we are trying to imply is that in 55 days since you invested $50, you will receive $ 55.Remember each time you purchase $50; $55 will be given to you within a period of 55 days. Risk takers can purchase a lot of ad packs as they wish. To all risk takers, one can purchase 10 ad packs with $500 in Traffic Monsoon and you can pocket $50 within 55 days.

How to Join Traffic monsoon

The decision of joining trafficmoosnoon all depends with you, it’s a personal decision and when it comes to making some extra cash online, thus a call you want to make. So, when you join traffic monsoon, there thing that will happen and others that won’t and all this depends entirely on the types of strategies you are using and how you are executing it. Don’t join with the mentality of making money overnight. This is not a get-rich overnight scheme; you need patience and self-dsicpline.How much Will I make? Well, ask yourself how much are you willing to put in as your fist advertisement pack? Thus the answer to the question how much you will make. It will depend on the amount you put in, your repurchasing plan, the number of referral you have and time and dedication.

Before joining my Traffic monsoon, You need to have well-written goals specifying the reason why you joining and the period you should attain some set goals. No magic will happen if you don’t make it to happen, you won’t earn without surfing 10 days per day, your earning can be slow or high depending with how much you’ve put in to use as advertising packs.

What you need to have before Joining Traffic monsoon:

  1. You need a working email address that is active
  2. You need computer and internet connections that will help you click your ads in time and avoid missing your daily earning activation,
  3. You need to have a payment processor that is legal and allowed in your country, some payment processors cannot send money to some countries due to legal issue and cyber laws. E.g. PayPal is not operational in every country.
  4. You need to join facebook (but not important) Traffic monsoon has Facebook group where updates are posted daily, members share payment proofs, run contents, discuss everything about traffic monsoon, immediately when you join alert me and I will add you to the facebook group. You will meet the owner of Traffic monsoon and other valuable members.Congratulation For joining Traffic monsoon,now its time to teach you on how to get some referrals, You can build your traffic monsoon account either by adding funds and promoting your site or blog or you can add more members to traffic monsoon using your referral link, with this you can make some extra bucks. Now how do you get referrals? Well many still believe PTC are worthless when it comes to recruiting, I disagree with that ,most of my friends including me, we get most of our referrals via PTC sites. We use our back office banners which you will be given as new member in Traffic monsoon, You can use your banner to advertise your traffic monsoon link. There is power in advertisement and you will see wonders by utilizing this feature.Today I will discuss the two types of getting referrals t o join your site using ptc.


We have:

Free way to get Referrals:

Thus involves a lot of internet marketing to get referrals, it will involve a lot of email marketing, newsletter, word of mouth and participating in relevant forums. Not many can do this.


Paid Way to get referrals: After working with many PTC sites, I can now conclude that paid PTC to get referrals works miracle. One need to join PTC site, sign up and fill your personal information. To advertise in paid PTC you need to have money and use sites that still are not aware of what you are advertising, For instance you can’t advertise your banner in traffic monsoon because every person that will see the banner is already a member in traffic monsoon, so you would have wasted time and many. Look for new advertising companies that are yet to launch or just launched. You can use their banner packages, either log in ad, banner, PTC or solo ads. Everything one need to know about Traffic monsoon has been covered under this small review, If you join Traffic monsoon today you will get fulltime support from me, will add you to the official Facebook group of traffic monsoon and you will learn more tricks and strategies on how to optimize you earning potential when it comes to online advertisement.

Do you want to join traffic monsoon? Just click HERE Fill in you information, wait for 22 minutes you will receive an immediate confirmation link which will ask you to activate your account to start using traffic monsoon advertising packages. It all starts from a simple click of an action and the next minute you will start enjoying the reason why you chose to advertise with traffic monsoon. Join the team and have an experience of your life just click HERE, and you will have access to your account in no minutes.

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